Eressos, Eresos

Lesvos, the third largest island of Greece, is located in the east Aegean Sea.

It's a paradise island 1630sq. km. area with olive trees, pine trees and many vine yards. The sandy beaches meet the blue seas which provide excellent sea food, including sardines for which the island is famous. The capital is the town of Mytilili.

Lesvos is also the main producer of ouzo and no visitor should miss the opportunity to taste it.

Eressos is situated at the south- western part of the island, 90km from the capital Mytilini. Eressos gets its name from the son of the mythical king Makar. It's the birthplace of Sappho the poetess and Theophrastus the philosopher.

The main square is a picturesque place for a coffee brake or a karafaki of ouzo. You can walk around the village and take a look to the traditional houses, the churches, the school and feel the atmosphere of the Greek hospitality.

Four kilometers from the village lies Skala Eressos. Locals and visitors agree that Skala Eressos is an unspoilt and traditional place with crystal blue sea and a fine 3 kilometers of sandy beach, one of the best in Greece. There are many places of interest such as the archaeological museum, the old churches, the hill of Vigla. The sunset and the moon rise are unique moments.

There are many taverns, coffee shops, and also shops to buy everything you may need, all at a walking distance.

The beach of Skala Eressos has won the European Blue Flag Award for its crystal clear waters and its wonderful sandy beach.

Between Eressos and Sigri is the area of the petrified forest a place of great interest. The specimens are better than those of Arizona's petrified forest but of the same type of trees: giant sequoias! It is a place of protected monuments of nature and in an area of 1500 hectares contains both groups of fossils as well as individual petrified trunks.

How to get to Eressos:

You can reach Mytilini by highspeed boat (6 hours), ferryboat (10 hours) or by plane (40 minutes) from Athens.
From Mytilini to Eressos you can take a bus, a taxi or rent a car.

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